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a pop-up listening room and nonprofit supporting independent musicians

Next Show:

Jan 13 - Songwriter Sessions 8PM
Tickets: Eventbrite
Featuring: Mary Hartman, Matt Bastardson,
Michelle Held

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Jan 22 - Music Night - 8PM
Tickets: Eventbrite
Featuring: Athens Creek & Voxanna

Welcome to Wiltsie's!

Wiltsie's is a pop-up listening room with the mission of supporting and celebrating independent musicians. Situated in downtown Clarkston, our building is a coworking space by day and is transformed into an intimate and cozy music listening room during our shows. 


When you join us, expect a comfortable, living room feel, and as we dim the lights and the music starts, you'll experience a quality of music at a level of intimacy that is hard to match.


Tickets to our shows are available exclusively on Eventbrite and our schedule is kept up to date on this website and our social media pages. 

Since you are here, we'd ask that you take a moment to support our musicians by liking their social media pages, subscribing to their YouTube channels, and buying their music!


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While you are here, we'd ask that you support these incredible artists by following their social media, subscribing to their YouTube channels, and buying their music!

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You can send us an email at: wiltsieslounge@gmail.com

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