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shared and private offices

Main Street MI Coworking is in the heart of downtown Clarkston


monthly rates start at


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what do you get for $250?

A monthly membership at Main Street MI Co-working costs you $250 per month.  There is no contract to sign, this is a month to month agreement.  For this cost, you get unlimited access to our coworking space and all the ameneities that come with it:


-all utilities


-basic printing

-business address for use

-mail and package handling

-meeting space

-free coffee and waters

-features on our social media

When you start to add up the costs of a home or remote office you can quickly see how a membership at Main Street MI can pay for itself.  An "office" at Starbucks easily costs $4-5 per day and double or triple that when you are buying a coffee and snack for a potential client as well.

Additionally, how many lost opportunities could have turned into revenue generating clients if you had a dedicated space to host meetings or even just an address to put on your business card or social media.

Utilizing your space is easy at Main Street MI - from comfy couches to traditional workstations, you walk into your space and set up shop wherever feels best that day. 


Need a quick break? You can feel comfortable leaving your things at your station and maybe taking a quick walk to Depot Park with your (free) cup of coffee.

Want to work late into the evening with no distractions? Come on in.

Want to get the day started early so you can make it to a school play? Come on in.

Weekend? Sunday? Holiday? Snow day? Come on in!

grow your business

Part of what makes co-working so attractive to so many people, is the opportunity to network, to meet new people and to market services to a captive audience. Our community of members are like minded individuals who not only are striving to build their own success, but are here to help others as well.  Through referrals, connections or even sales directly to other members, being a part of our community increases your chances of success tremendously - and those chance grow exponentially every time someone new comes through the door.

A few other ways being a Main Street MI member helps:

-our location in the heart of downtown Clarkston means thousands (and tens of thousands) of people will walk past your office.  Each 4th of July Parade, Octoberfest, Taste of Clarkston, Lights Parade, etc is a chance for us to open our doors and let our members shine!

-our social channels are a great way to spotlight our members and their services/products.  We happily promote our members and the exciting things they are doing! Simply shoot us an email with what you'd like us to share and we will!

-our community partnerships.  We've established some great partners in the area and throughout Michigan.  From partner coworking offices where you can work while you are travelling to non-profits who are looking to cross promote and even grant and capital partners, we can connect you with partnership opportunities that have taken years to develop!


Ready to re-think what an office really should be? Reach out today and lets schedule a call or a visit. No hard sales pitches, no contracts to sign - let's just explore if Main Street MI is a good fit for you!

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