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Not every business or business person needs physical space. But there is no denying that having a professional business address, a pin on Google Maps, and a physical location to use on your social media helps establish credibility for your business or services.

Virtual membership at Main Street MI is geared towards two types of members:

(1) Freelancers and solopreneurs who are looking to have a business address.  A place to register an LLC, have mail sent, a verifiable address to set for Google Maps, and a way to list a physical location on social media and websites.

(2) Established businesses looking to have a "physical presence" without the overhead of taking on an additional office space.  If you are looking to do business with Michigan based customers having a physical address in the state can be a big difference maker.



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You get to use our physical business address in a desirable downtown building as your own.



We will include you in our online directory so you show up if people look for you here online.

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We will collect mail and packages and notify you when anything arrives.



You'll enjoy virtual member discounts on day passes and hourly rentals.


In collaboration with Main Street MI Coworking & Offices - Adam "RANADA" Ranville, owner and founder of MindMuscleMastery is offering two special experiences for our virtual members.


(1) Exclusive monthly virtual materials - each month Adam will provide our virtual members a 20 minute video aimed at empowering and improving your personal and professional life.


(2) You'll be invited to attend in person empowerment and networking events hosted by MindMuscleMastery at the Riker location.


The opportunities are available at no additional charge as a part of your virtual membership.

how to sign up

step 1

create a profile

step 2

select "see memberships" after you've registered

step 3

select "activate membership"

step 4

enter payment information

A team member will follow up with you once you've activated your membership to ensure you get everything you need out of your virtual membership.