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welcome! looks like you are thirsty for some coffee - but don't know how to use the french press.
Not to worry, we didn't either. That's why we made this handy dandy video to help you get caffeinated quickly! Enjoy!

Enjoy some coffee!

A few easy steps to use our French Press!

- Boil water in the kettle

- Grind 2-5 scoops of beans in the grinder

- Take off lid to French Press and add grounds and then boiling water

- Put lid back on, do NOT push down yet!

- Wait 5 minutes then push down, align screen to pour and enjoy!

what went wrong?

Having issues? Here are a few common issues to check:

- Too strong? Looks like we added too many grounds. You can dilute the current french press with a little water to make it more bearable for now!

- Too weak? Probably need more grounds next time. To make stronger coffee

add more ground, don't let it sit much longer. Which leads too...

- Too bitter? It sat too long, the bitterness presents itself if you wait too long to push down the screen.

A few other things to be mindful of:


- make sure the kettle is plugged in and you are pouring hot water into the french press

- make sure the screen is aligned with the spout when you go to pour out the coffee into your cup

- if there are a lot of grounds in your coffee you ground the beans too finely (a few are normal for a french press)


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